sreda, 14. februar 2007

Slovenian documentation translation announcement

Na naslov, sem poslal sporočilo:


My name is Miroslav Beranič ml. I would like to begin Slovenian documentation translation, as I look no one else is doing it. If I am wrong please mail me. I am planning to translate some tutorials and basic documentation, for now. Help is welcome.

@The guys on What do I have to do next? I updated my CVS and started translation. Please mail me if you need additional information. I do not have a dedicated host jet.

Does anyone else has experiences with new translation project to share?


Kot prvi mi je odpisal Ganbold:

You should read first FDP-Primer at
Then set up your own local repository (cvs or svn). After setting up
local repository, copy
original FreeBSD tutorial to your local repo and start working on it,
preferably on SGML files.

good luck,


Nato pa še Cezary Morga

I've started (or actually restarted based on previous translations
found over the Internet) Polish translation project in July. Our main
goal (yes, after half a year others have join me) is to translate the

If have any question feel free to mail me.

Cezary Morga

Takole, sedaj se pa lahko začne. :)

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